Mar 02

3 rules of thumb for making the loop choke more effective

Over the last few months, a change has been happening in my game.

Out of nowhere, the loop choke just started clicking for me, and I’ve been terrorizing the mat with it left and right. Hell, it’s gotten so bad that I’ve hit the same setup on three different people in one night even after teaching the technique earlier in the day.

They knew it was coming.

It didn’t matter though.

And it’s not because of some black belch magic either.


The culprit was principles and nothing less.

In fact, I operate by three rules of thumb that have served me well.

First, the index finger of my collar grip must touch my opponent’s collarbone…. Second, when I initiate the attack my head must be higher than theirs…. And third, I must direct their head towards the armpit of my choking hand and cinch it in tight against the side of my hip. In some ways, it’s similar to the guillotine but not quite.

And I’ll tell you a sekret.

If you would like to see these principles in action and two setups for choking fools out, it’s easier than you might think. Just a bit ago, I loaded up a lesson on the Tube all about it.

And you can discover it here: