Sep 09

Aiming to be in a Constant State of Evolution

Updated: October 23, 2013 There is a wealth of knowledge out there.  The difficulty lies in finding what’s relevant to you. What I want to do here is help you out in that process to some degree. This is my personal reading list. It includes books I’ve read, the book I’m reading, and books that …

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Aug 28

How to Apply Think and Grow Rich Concepts to BJJ

How to Apply Think and Grow Rich Concepts to BJJ

Think and Grow Rich was highly recommended to me. So I read once, I read it twice, and then I read several chapters over again. Now I’m going to take those 13 concepts of success and apply them to BJJ. First, let’s start off by listing the thirteen principles: Desire Faith Auto-Suggestion Specialized Knowledge Imagination Organized …

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Mar 18

An Ever Growing List of Meaningful Quotes That You Can Apply

Meaningful Quotes

Updated: January 8th, 2014 I want to share something on the motivation side of things. It’s simply a compilation of various incredibly meaningful quotes that I was exposed to as a result of being a member of Evolve Academy. I am only pulling these quotes from the Evolve newsletters. It will be updated over time. If you’re …

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Dec 21

Debate on What Defines an Advanced Technique

Recently, on the site’s Facebook page, I had the opportunity to have a philosophical debate with Josh Vogel about Jiu-jitsu. The topic focused on how basic and advanced techniques are defined and if such a dividing line exists at all. With Josh’s consent, I’ve included that debate here verbatim with some white space added for …

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Dec 15

Structuring a Curriculum for Competitors Versus the General Public

I just liked the pic.

Right now, I’m working on a large project, and some of my teammates are assisting by sending me any random jiu-jitsu questions that they can think of. This post was inspired by one of those questions because I received one that just didn’t fit my project at all, but it was fascinating on its own …

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Nov 02

I Don’t Consider This a Radical Change in Focus

Updated: November 4, 2013 Several days ago, I had an idea. It was simple yet fascinating, and when I mulled it over, it just kept making more and more sense. That’s why I decided to share it, but something went wrong when I sat down to write it out. Yeah, everything started out great, and …

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Sep 08

The Frank Cucci Seminar at Evolve Academy


Recently, my gym expanded to a new location, and one of the events to celebrate the occasion was a seminar by Frank Cucci. He came up to support my coach, Mike Moses, because they have a long history. He’s also one of Mike’s original instructors. I want share with you a lesson I learned from …

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Sep 01

It’s Not That Hard to Do The Right Thing


At my job, I had an opportunity to speak to the owner of the company, and the best thing I took away from that conversation was a philosophy. I’ll share it with you because it’s quite simple, and I understood right away why the company made an effort to instill it at the cultural level. …

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Aug 25

Check Out BJJ Finder, It’s a Valuable Resource


Imagine that you’re traveling or moving and you want to know where you can train while you’re in some unfamiliar environment. BJJ Finder was made with you in mind.  The goal of the site is to give you access to BJJ no matter where you may be. I like that idea, and I believe that …

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Aug 25

Who Ever Said that Excuses were a Good Thing


Excuses have an almost irresistible appeal. No matter how much you know of their inherent danger, it’s still quite easy to slip. In fact, I caught myself making some at the 2013 Worlds, and I’ll tell you that story. An Excuse I Made It all started a few months earlier at the Pan. There, I …

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Jun 11

What Are The True Basics of the Half Guard?


Think about that question for a moment because there is room for debate. Right this minute, you can look around and you’ll find many different examples of how the position should be played. Like with almost everything in Jiu-jitsu, half guard is an expression of a person’s own unique insight and focus. So often there …

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Jun 06

My Thoughts on the Double Guard Pull Game

My Thoughts on the Double Pull Game

The double guard pull is a relatively development. Its use has been expanding with the popularity of berimbolo and 50/50. It’s becoming a game unto itself. Those who play it have become extremely adept at it. It almost seems ritualized when you watch the transition from the pull into their attacks. If you play that …

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Apr 07

The Indiana Jones Half Guard Sweep


This is a very loose translation of an article I found on a Brazilian website. It will be the first of many, and it’s a part of a specific project that I’m working on. Oh, and If you’re interested in checking out the original version, head over to Aprenda Jiu-jitsu. Organic Translation If you play …

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Apr 07

Organic Translations of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Articles

I’m going to start a new project here. For some time, I’ve been trying to teach myself Brazilian Portuguese, and I’m a fan of killing many birds with one stone. So I’m going to go out there and find interesting articles that are written about Brazilian JIu-jitsu in Portuguese and I’m going to translate them …

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Apr 07

Focus on the Seeds that You Plant


Recently, something significant happened in my life that will require me to make certain adjustments. It was unexpected and undesired, but I’ve been able to take a step back and really analyze the situation. I realized that there were specific choices that I made that heavily influenced the outcome. So I’ve decided to take the …

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Feb 12

Abu Dhabi World Pro 2013 Trials – Second Attempt

Montreal Trials

Right out the gate, let me give you a warning. A lot of time will be spent focusing on the travel portion of the story. Consider yourself warned. Let’s begin. I booked my flight two weeks before the Montreal trials, and at that late date, the options were quite slim. So I ended up picking …

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Feb 12

Why I Love Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


I recently read a book called Start with Why by Simon Sinek. It made me think about why I love BJJ, and the answer I came up with surprised me because the reason has existed before I even knew what BJJ was. Through the Wormhole Before I just spell it out, let’s go back in …

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Feb 01

Troubleshooting the Half Guard I

One of my ongoing projects is related to half guard, and today I want to look at one of the questions that I’ve received as a result of that project.  The question was: My Half Guard question is about the cross face. I have gotten very comfortable with being able to control the bicep of …

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Jan 29

Walk Away from the 97 Percent (The Truth about the Concept)

3percent and 97percent

Are you a 3%er or a 97%er? Which side would you prefer to claim? What if I told you that there was information that you might not be aware of? Many who have chosen a side in this little false dispute have no idea what the concept actually means. I want to clear that up …

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Jan 09

What Are Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Gyms Really Selling


One thing that I really enjoy is taking ideas from diverse sources and applying them to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  If you read enough posts here, you probably already noticed that trend. This post will be another example of that because I was recently exposed to a very interesting concept about business. It’s all about a simple …

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Jan 03

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Teaching Experiment III

After I finished that last post on training acceleration, I couldn’t wait to apply the idea. The first opportunity I had to do so was a No-Gi Advanced class I taught at Crazy 88. Beforehand, I decided that I was going to give them one of the most developed tools in my arsenal. It was …

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Jan 02

Training Acceleration: A Different Way to Think about the Learning Process

Training Acceleration: A Different Way to think about the Learning Process

I just had a revelation, and I want to share it with you. Others have probably had it as well, but I want to outline it in a way that can be clearly understood and applied. Let’s start off with a question. What are the components of an effective technique? As you think about that …

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Dec 22

Crowdsourced: Half Guard Pass Counter Options

Given a very specific situation, this is a series of counter options based on the progression of a technique. Before you watch it, you should check out the original half guard pass. After that, look at the counters and study them. Do you perceive any issues or vulnerabilities? If you do, highlight them. It’s not …

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Dec 17

A Quick and Simple Mount Escape Counter

There was a question on Sherdog about what to do when your opponent turns tries to elbow escape mount. In that situation, I have a little simple thing that I do, and I’ve had a lot of success with it. So I tried to explain it there, but I felt that it wouldn’t be easy …

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Dec 16

Alternative Triangle Finish from Mount

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m in the process of analyzing the way I teach, and I’m making an effort to improve the process and delivery. So I give you these unedited videos because I like to kill two birds with one stone. I have some good knowledge to share, and I …

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Dec 16

Can Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Instruction be Crowdsourced


Today, I had an awesome idea, and I want to share it before it slips away. Before I explain though, let’s start off with a question. What if you could crowdsource Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instruction? If you’ve never heard that term before, it can be summed up as simply the distribution of tasks to an undefined …

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Dec 14

The Problem with Most BJJ Instructionals


You look around and you will see many BJJ instructionals put out by renowned Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners. Often, they have high production values and they’re filled with content. Most of the content is even great. However, there’s generally a focus on quantity over depth and enjoyment. This has led to hours and hours of content, …

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Dec 09

Observations After a Judo and Sambo Clinic


Today, I had the opportunity to participate in a grappling seminar, or clinic as they call it, and it was run by Nina Cutro-Kelly. Her background is in Sambo, Judo, and Wrestling. So obviously she has a different source of knowledge than I do when it comes to grappling. This was quite apparent when she …

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