Nov 24

An Overview of Three Recent Seminars

Recently, I had the opportunity to teach three seminars in three different states within a week. I’m extremely grateful, and that’s the primary reason behind this post. It’s a review of what was covered, but it will also contain conceptual lessons for all enthusiasts of our art. If that sounds interesting to you, this is what …

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Nov 20

Advice for White Belts: Ask These Questions


Being a white belt is hard. You get smashed in the gym, and at times, it can seem that you’re not improving. As a community, we lose a lot of people at white and blue belt. That’s why I’m trying to put myself back in those shoes and visualize what I would do differently if …

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Nov 12

3 Strategies for Making Drilling More Effective and Enjoyable

Drilling is boring. At a certain point you will mentally check out, unless your external motivation is so strong that you can push through the tedium. Why does it HAVE to be tedious though? The answer is that it doesn’t. There are variables that you can change about your training method to not only make drilling …

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Nov 06

Rundown of What Went Down at the No-Gi Worlds

Rundown of What Went Down at the No-Gi Worlds

I had a plan. It was simple and elegant. It just didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to. Oh no, I’m not talking about the tournament yet. We’ll get there, but first we’re going to go a little further back in time to that Friday night. I arrived in Los Angeles around …

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Nov 03

An Ever Growing Reading List for Jiu-jitsu Enthusiasts


The best thing you can do to speed up your growth in our art is to think about jiu-jitsu outside of class. You have to embrace the responsibility for your own development. That means studying new technique, thinking about new possibilities, and learning more about intricacies on your own. This is a list of the …

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Nov 02

The Real Reason That I Love Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


I recently read a book called  by Simon Sinek. It made me think about why I love Jiu-jitsu, and the answer I came up with surprised me because the reason has existed before I even knew what Jiu-jitsu was. Through the Wormhole Before I just spell it out, let’s go back in time. When I was …

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