Nov 23

Side control better ready itself for oblivion


There’s some monsters out there that know how to make side control one of the most horrendous of experiences. They settle their weight just right. They drive off their feet into the side of your ribs just right. And they smash their shoulder into your chin just right. It’s almost seems like they putting no …

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Nov 21

Smashing through plateaus like a boss


Argh! The dreaded plateau. You can run. You can hide. But it will find you, and it has a particular set of skills. Skills that it has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make it a nightmare for people just like you. And what skills, pray tell? Illusion The first is illusion. It …

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Nov 20

How to make your triangle chokes more vicious


It happened again. Someone told me that they weren’t built for triangles. How can this be!? I know I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve heard it often enough. It matters not! I’m still annoyed. Why? Because being shorter and stockier is no excuse for not developing a vicious triangle. There is more than one way to …

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Nov 01

The first thing you must do when the bow and arrow choke is imminent


Just another night on the mat. And once again, I allowed someone to get on my back. In that moment,¬†suddenly, the intensity increased. A submission was now in sight, and the guy was hunting. He wanted it. And he went after it. Then through flurry of grip fighting, he finally gets the cross collar lapel …

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Oct 31

Open guard principles that will help simplify the game


Right now, if I held up a hand and starting counting out open guard positions with my fingers, I would run out of room in an instant. There’s a lot of them! It’s glorious. Countless people are on the mats every day, innovating and brainstorming. They’re expanding the game. And it presents both a challenge …

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Oct 04

The beginning of an endless chain of technique


Imagine a puzzle that has no defined shape. You can add a countless amount of pieces to it, but it will never be complete. All you can do is form little structures or images in the mass. That’s Jiu-jitsu. It’s endless. But learning how to start piecing it together is one of the most valuable …

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